Tooth Whitening

Teeth naturally come in varying shades. Patients will often come to us and say that their teeth have discoloured over time. This can be due to age, tea, coffee, red wine or foods. Factors such as fevers, antibiotics and some other medications can also affect the colour of teeth.

One way to brighten teeth is to have a professional clean to remove stains caused by things such as teas, cigarettes, coffee, wine etc. Some patients elect to have a whitening procedure. Our whitening treatment involves a specifically designed bleaching gel that oxidises the first layer of the teeth, changing the colour of the enamel.

It is recommended to have a pre-whitening assessment prior to any whitening procedure to assess your teeth’s suitability for whitening. At this appointment we would take a shade of your teeth prior to the whitening procedure. It is important for the teeth to be scaled & cleaned prior to beginning any whitening procedure to ensure optimum results. There are various whitening products available on the market today and it is extremely important that you undertake whitening procedures with a dental professional who will use reputable and safe products. Our dental team will be able to take all considerations for your mouth into account before proceeding.

NB Dental offers two professional whitening options:

Polar Take Home Tooth Whitening

Polar Office In Chair Tooth Whitening