Did you know that dentists must undertake an additional three years of full-time specialist training at university to become an orthodontist?

Orthodontics is a very specialised area of dentistry requiring years of university training in addition to a general dentistry degree. A general dentist that returns to university and specialises in orthodontics will then become a qualified Orthodontist. Orthodontics Involves correcting misaligned teeth and disproportionate jaws, which, if left untreated, affects the development of the face and biting function. Orthodontic treatment is available to people of all ages. Early assessment, correct diagnosis and regular review are crucial to avoid, limit or where necessary, treat any problems which may develop.

At NB Dental we have a visiting orthodontist. Dr Brendan Fitzpatrick from Shine Orthodontics comes to NB Dental each month. Further information on Dr Brendan Fitzpatrick can be seen on Shine Orthodontics Website.

There are other specialist orthodontists close by to NB Dental that we can also highly recommend so please don’t hesitate to call us should you require any further information on any of their services.