Continuing Preventative Care

We are passionate about breaking down the stigma associated with ‘going to the dentist’. A fun and comfortable dental visit for the whole family is our goal.

Our team promotes a preventive approach to dental care. Routine dental visits help to detect dental problems early. Early detection of decay, deteriorating fillings and structural cracks or fractures will help provide treatment options that will maintain your teeth and reduce the potential expense associated with more complicated procedures.

Some dental problems are not painful, such as gingivitis or periodontal disease. These gum conditions may not be painful but can lead to early loss of teeth. Regular professional cleans will remove bacteria from where a toothbrush can’t get to and help prevent the gum infections that silently develop.

Preventive dental care can start at any age! We encourage dental visits by the age of 2 years to start building relationships with our young patients to help ensure a fuss free and fun dental appointment. Although it’s often assumed that “baby teeth do not matter”, untreated problems resulting in the early loss of baby teeth will often result in a crowded adult mouth or problems with the adult teeth in the future. Regular professional dental checks help to educate children and teenagers on how to care for their teeth and detect early decay or problems before it becomes painful.

Our practice accepts patients covered under the Medicare children’s dental benefit schedule. This is a fantastic government initiative, providing free general dental treatment annually, to children under 18 whom are eligible.

Health funds recognise that preventive dental procedures are essential to maintaining a healthy mouth. Contact us or drop in to see how much your private health insurance will cover you, as it depends on the level/policy you have taken out with them. We are proud to be preferred providers for our area with BUPA, HCF, CBHS and NIB. We also accept patients that are eligible for the Medicare Child Dental Benefits Scheme, DVA cards, and patients who are under the BUPA Scheme with ADF (Australian Defence Force). Please contact us for further information should you have any questions.