So, you are heading to Ekka and  no doubt going to have a great time. You will likely go on a lot of rides, visit the animal pavilion and sample lots of yummy foods and drinks, especially strawberry ice-creams! How will you help your teeth survive the effects of Molly the sugar monster hiding in those yummy show bags? Here are our tips to help you survive the wrath of Molly…..



Water is Tooth Friendly!

Choose to drink water instead of soft drink, juices, flavoured milk or sports drinks.  These contain large amounts of food acid and sugar. Tap water contains appropriate levels of fluoride to help re-mineralise your tooth surfaces. By re-hydrating this gives your body a chance to make saliva which will protect your teeth.

If you’ve just had food or drink containing sugar or food acid, give your mouth a good rinse with water to help neutralise your mouth again and wait for about 60 minutes before you brush. Why?.  Bacteria that feed on the sugar make acid which soften your tooth enamel. So if you brush teeth that have just been exposed to acid attack, you can damage the softened enamel surface and make your teeth more vulnerable. 


Avoid Sticky Sweets

Steer clear of hard or very sticky lollies. They can cause your teeth to break or can damage fillings as you chew. Bits of lolly also get stuck in and around your teeth, causing sneaky acid attacks.


Don’t Graze

This may sound a little crazy but eat your lolly stash at one time rather than grazing on it all through the day. You might choose to have some sweet treats with a meal or at a break time, but don’t keep eating them all through the day.

Your saliva contains substances that work to neutralise the sugar in your mouth. It washes your teeth with natural elements that help to protect teeth – but only if it gets a chance to work in an empty mouth.


Beware of the Hidden Sugars and Pack your own food if you can

Be aware that processed food contains “hidden sugars” – often large quantities!

Not all the food on offer at the Ekka is either deep fried or sugar coated. There are always some healthy food options available each year. However, sometimes it can be healthier and kinder on your back pocket to pack your own food and drinks for the Ekka, there are lockers available so that you don’t have to lug your supplies around all day. The main arena is a good place to sit and have a bite to eat, as there is always something on show to watch.


Brush & Floss

When you’ve eaten lots of lollies and foods with high sugar content, it’s really important to do a few simple things.  Keep brushing your teeth regularly and floss to remove sticky residue of bacteria or plaque.

As always, brush and floss twice a day. This removes the unwanted debris and sticky residue of bacteria and plaque. Brushing and flossing twice a day helps keep your teeth and gums healthy.


Most of all have fun and enjoy the show with your loved ones!

Our practice will be closed for the show day holiday on Wednesday 15th August. If you have a toothache or dental emergency on this day please follow the prompts on the message bank when you call us on 07 3366 4298 for assistance.