Crowns and Bridges


A crown is a ceramic or gold cap that sits over a broken, worn or cracked tooth. This cap will help to hold together and strengthen a tooth that would otherwise breakdown. A crown is made to look and feel just like a natural tooth so it is a great option for both durability and cosmetics.


A bridge is a permanent restoration used to fill the space of a missing tooth or teeth by permanently attaching a false tooth to adjacent teeth or implants via crowns. A bridge will improve function and comfort, as well as provide an aesthetically pleasing smile.

What do crown and bridges involve?

Crowns and bridges both take two dental visits to complete. The first visit is to prepare your tooth or teeth and take an impression of the prepared tooth to send to our local dental technician. The technician then very carefully fabricates your crown or bridge from the impression that was taken in your first visit and returns to us in 2 weeks’ time. During the 2 week period where your crown or bridge is being designed you will have a temporary restoration in place to ensure comfort. After 2 weeks you will return to NB Dental to have your dentist place the crown or bridge specifically designed for your mouth cemented permanently. Crowns and Bridges are a great option for improving both functionality and aesthetics of teeth whilst preventing further problems that can arise from broken down, cracked or missing teeth.

All our crown and bridge lab work is made locally here in Brisbane, not from an off shore laboratory.