Childrens Teeth

It is possible to give children the gift of healthy teeth, plus the added important benefit of not being anxious or afraid about visiting the dentist.

While baby teeth start to fall out from the age of 6, the baby molars often will be retained until the teen years and it is important to keep these teeth healthy until that time comes. The baby teeth play an important part in the development of the jaw and help maintain the space for the adult teeth. Early loss of baby teeth will often result in a crowded adult mouth. Regular professional dental checks help to educate children and teenagers on how to care for their teeth, detect early decay before it becomes painful and also identify orthodontic concerns in children and young adults early which can minimise time with braces and may avoid the need for extractions associated with orthodontic treatment.

NB Dental accepts and bulk bills patients covered under the Medicare childrens dental benefit schedule. This is a fantastic government initiative, providing a free dental treatment annually to those that are eligible.

NB Dental is also preferred providers for BUPA, HCF, CBHS, Mutual Community and Manchester Unity.